“Lucy is always our first choice for a cello player. This is because she has a great ear for melody and demonstrates such sophistication—especially in her improvisations”
Award winning music and sound design studio, Echoic Audio

Winter Olympics Film: Tine Milk
For Echoic Audio with improvisation
India in a day (Crowdfunded film)
For Simon Ashdown (00:19-)
Hebrides: Islands on the Edge
For Simon Ashdown with improvised melody (to 00:40)
Soundtrack nominated for Best Score at Jackson Hole Festival
Tim Bormann reel 2012
For Echoic Audio with improvisation (01:00-)
Coffee company ident
For Echoic Audio, improvised
University of the Arts London
Huw m  House by the Sea 
At Greenman Festival, improvised
Huw m  Seddi Gwag
At Spillers, improvised
Gentle good Colled
At Greenman Festival, Improvised solo from 00:52
Rob Lear Let It Go (live)
Gareth Wood by Mavron Quartet
Special Commission performed live in the Drwm, Aberystwyth
Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Mavron Quartet,
Collaboration with  composer Charlie Barber, dancers choreographed by Jean Abreu.